Supply Chain

We manage our clients’ worldwide distribution directly from our own facility in Shanghai to their worldwide locations.  This includes packaging, labeling, export documentation, storage and logistics support.


Products are thoughtfully packaged and carefully prepared according to the shipment method and product type.


We follow our clients labeling specifications. This ensures the shipment is organised according to their specific needs, whether that be various distribution points, warehousing systems or direct to store delivery.

Export Documentation

We arrange the necessary export documentation to prepare the goods for FOB (Free On Board). Additional documentation such as Commodity Inspection Reports or CE Certifications can also be orgainsed by our team at our clients request.

Liason with Forwarding Agents

We have experience working with our clients nominated forwarding agents and can accommodate their different requirements to ensure on time delivery of the products.


We provide temporary storage solutions for products that are waiting to be shipped to different locations.

Distribution Solutions

We will manage our clients’ distribution directly from our facility to each of their worldwide locations. This saves time and money for our clients as they don’t need to engage an additional logistic company to store their goods.

Installation Manual

We prepare comprehensive installation manuals for the products so that they can be easily assembled and installed on the site.  These can be customized for different language requirements.

On Site Support

Should our clients require it, we can arrange for our experienced installation team to provide them with support and assistance throughout the world.

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