When designs and prototypes have been signed off production commences with shop drawings followed by sculpting and moulds, project management, quality control, and assembly. The production techniques and processes are customized to each client needs in terms of timing, quantity and budget.

Shop Drawings

We prepare detailed shop drawings from the approved concept drawings.  These drawings are a critical step as they form the blueprint for the manufacturing process and ensure the final product meets our clients’ requirements.


Sculpting is a traditional skill using aged earth to create the perfect form. Our sculptors can realize a human body, an animal or any object.  They work together with us in our studio so that our clients can interact with the form as it is being created.


Moulds are typically made from steel, wood, fiberglass or plastic.  The material selected to make the mould depends on the design of the product and the production method. Some moulds only need a few weeks to finish and other require around 60 days.

Project Management

Our experienced team will ensure the project is effectively managed throughout every stage of the design and manufacturing process. Our project managers will ensure approvals, material samples and delivery targets are met.

Quality Control

Quality control is an integral part of our project management solution. From design through to delivery, our quality control systems ensure that the product meets our clients’ exact requirements.


Special care and consideration is applied to the assemble process to ensure all components integrate precisely and the overall appearance, function and finish is of superior quality.

Skilled Craftsmen

From sculpting through to mould production we have built a wonderful team of skilled artisans over the years who are passionate about their work and always strive for perfection.


We employ some of the world’s most advanced technologies and systems in order to deliver the most practical, cost and time effective production solutions for our clients.  We love technology and we are up with the latest. We are using 3D printers to make mini samples for our clients which is a super cool and fun tool to have at our disposal.  We also have a plastic injection machine so we can make almost anything.

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