Design and Development

Soozar’s history of design and manufacturing began with contracts from global luxury fashion brands for the production of retail displays and visual merchandising accessories. Our reputation for creating high quality designs was quickly noticed by other creative industries such as artists, movie makers, exhibition companies and hotels. A big part of our business today is producing bespoke art pieces and sculptures for creative industries while we continue to produce unique pieces for the retail industry.

Concept Design

Our team will listen to your ideas and engage with you to define and nurture your concept. We will then utilise our design skills and manufacturing experience to propose a solution.


Development is an important and crucial part of the process and includes technical feedback and advice, material selection, production solutions, prototyping, sculpting and mould making.


Soozar works closely with the clients to determine the best approach for their particular needs. We ensure that the prototype can demonstrate the functionality of the final product. Soozar’s team of tech savvy 3D designers have made it possible to produce small scale prototypes within 7-10 days of the start date.  This means our clients can save time and money.

Technical Feedback

Our team will review the concepts and drawings with our clients and propose technical solutions and production methods.  At all times we ensure that the integrity of the original design is preserved and enhanced.  Our technical expertise and manufacturing knowledge delivers solutions that can accommodate all budgets.

Material Selection

Critical to the success of production is the selection of the most appropriate materials. Supplying good quality and reliable raw materials is a high priority for our team.

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